Little bit of news

Hey everybody!

Long time no write!

I know, it has been a few very difficult months with tremendous amount of work, studies and projects, and most of all of public transport (around 7 hours a day). But it is slowly getting to a calmer period. I indeed moved recently from Zürich back to the Lausanne-Geneva area, so less public transports YAY! Concerning the studies and projects, I had my exams so waiting for the results now. So I am slowly getting energy back.

So what next? Next is a 6 months trip to Japan! I am doing my “End of Master” internship and project in Osaka. So I will try to document this trip to show the various food and places I will discover. I will additionally try to learn how to cook all of that and present you the recipes so you can try it too =D.

Finally, during those last months, I saved quite a lot of cool song and artists that I want to share with you on my other site (Whole Chacha). So there should be updates every single week.

Those new posts should arrive at the end of February – beginning of March, and I hope there will be something that you enjoy.

On this, have a lovely day and read you soon 😉


Update of the website / Mise à jour du site

Hello everybody!

I’m writing a little post to give an update about this website.
As you may notice, the website slightly changed with the fusion of the English and French websites and the addition of the Discoveries and Experiments parts.
Why the fusion? It’s easier to manage all the recipes on one website rather that on two.
What are this new additions? The Discoveries part will be used to present all the different stuff, related to food, that I like. It can be a product, a shop, a restaurant, a blog or even some YouTube channels. The Experiment part will be for unfinished recipes that still need to be reworked to be yummy enough to be published.

I will try to publish more often than before too, so I hope you may find a recipe you like 😉


Salut tout le monde!

J’écris un petit post pour présenter les changements du site.
Comme vous l’avez peut être remarqué, le site a quelque peu changer suite à la fusion du site en français et de celui en anglais. De plus deux nouvelles catégories ont été ajoutée: Découvertes et Expériences.
La fusion est survenue suite à une envie de simplifier la gestions des sites.
La catégorie Découvertes sera utilisée afin de vous présentez différentes choses que j’apprécie en relation avec la nourriture. Ça peut être un produit, un magasin, un blog, un restaurant ou même une chaîne YouTube. La catégorie Expériences quant à elle sera dédiée à des idées de recettes que j’ai essayées mais qui ne sont pas encore suffisamment réussies pour être de réelles recettes.

Je vais aussi essayé de publier plus souvent, donc j’espère que vous trouverez quelque-chose qui vous plait.

A plus!