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Café Papon

All the pictures are coming from Café Papon’s website, sorry when I go to a restaurant I prefer eating to taking pictures ;P

So it was our anniversary, for my girlfriend and me, and we reserved in a restaurant where my she ate once with her team.

Café Papon is situated in the old town of Geneva – very beautiful area. The restaurant itself is so beautiful with those beautiful vaults, some old stones and doors and the simple but beautiful furniture.

To go with that beautiful setting, the ambience is just perfect: lovely waiters, some gentle music. Everybody just seems to have an amazing time.

You will tell me: “Yeah, yeah, that’s nice! But how was the food?”. I found that it is actually the strongest point of this restaurant. From their website it seems that they change their card every 2-3 weeks. On the menu you have 6-7 starters and around 10 main dishes with fishes, meats and a vegetarian dish.

So what did I ate? For starter I had “Snails with spinach cream with bacon and mushrooms, garlic crusty bread” and it blown my mind – everything is cooked perfectly and you have such balance. It was my favourite dish of the evening. My girlfriend started with “Peasant leek soup with bacon and croutons”, which was very good but not as amazing as the snails.

For the main dish, we decided to have a meat dish and a fish dish that we can share.
For the meat, my girlfriend choose “Beef fillet roast with its marrow bone in rough salt and red wine sauce” and it was so yummy: the beak cooked to the perfection feels like it melts in your mouth, the sauce is in perfect adequacy with the meat, the sweet potatoes purée and the bacon wrapped endive was just lovely. It was really delicious.
For the fish, I took “Scallops fried topped lemon rind”. The scallops that were nice and soft with a crispy top were served with a dark risotto with a strong Parmesan cheese taste, some baked breaded coli-flower and baked artichokes. Every element had a totally different taste and texture, but all together … MIND BLOW (again)! Just wonderful.

We sadly were too full and a little bit in a hurry to have some pudding, but the last time my girlfriend was there, she said that it was amazing too.

With the wine, it costed a total of 160 CHF, which I find good for the amazing quality of the dish.

So if you are in Geneva and want to have some amazing food and just have a great time, you should definitely give it a try 😉


To learn more about this restaurant: http://www.cafe-papon.com/en/

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[Youtube] Food Wishes


Amazing recipes, good filming, nice voice and some jokes is a good description for this channel:

You will be able to find recipes from all over the world prepared by Chef John.

He gives good explanations with a some jokes which makes the videos very nice to watch even if you do not cook.

The other point that makes me like his video is that he is only filming the preparation and not everything that is happening around.

Finally, I just love this channel. So you should give it a try 😉

PS: Here is one of his recipe that I will definitely try:

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[Youtube] Cooking with dog


“Cooking with dog” is one of my favorite Youtube channel.
It have plenty of different interesting recipes cooked by “Chef” while “Francis”, the dog, explains each steps.
Most of the recipes are Japanese one, so it is perfect to discover new dishes or ways to cook.
I really enjoy watching their videos and sometimes I try some of their recipes.

If you want to follow them you can find them on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

PS: And: No! It is not “Cooking dog” >.<

One of the recipe that I tried to do but I was not quite successful, yet!

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Tea Brand: Kusmi Tea

Image copyright: Mazhiqi

I love tea: No matter you feel, you can always find a tea that suits your mood.

One of my favorite brands is Kusmi Tea. Originally created in St Petersburg, Kusmi Tea created a tea blend that became the tsar’s favorite.
Nowadays, Kusmi Tea produces wonderful Russian blends of tea along with some very good traditional blends.

My favorites are:

  • Russian blends:
    • Prince Vladimir (Black Tea, Citrus, Vanilla and Spices)
    • St Petersburg (Black Tea, Bergamot, Red fruits and Caramel)
    • Zoubrovka (Black Tea, Sweet Grass)
  • Traditional blends:
    • Russian Morning
    • Irish blend
    • Genmaisha (Green Tea, Roasted and Puffed Rice)

If you like teas and happen to find this brand in your country, I really advise you to give it a try 😉